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Linyi Vocational College International Exchange College-Introduction to the National Academy

Release Time:2021-11-30 Linyi International School Pageviews:

The International College of Linyi Vocational College began preparations on February 24, 2021, and is responsible for the school's international exchanges and cooperation. Under the care, support and guidance of the Party Committee of the College, the International College has continuously expanded its international vision, actively innovated its work model, and carried out international exchanges and cooperation. The International College will contribute to the establishment of an international brand of education, enhance the international competitiveness of our school, serve the construction of the "Belt and Road", and promote the international development of the school.

Uphold the advanced philosophy of running a school. Closely centering on the school's school-running goals, speed up the pace of "bringing in" and "going out", extensive exchanges, diverse cooperation, key points, breakthroughs in difficulties, striving for practical results, and pursuing excellence.

Extensively expand friendly relations and continuously expand cooperation channels. Actively expand the establishment of friendly cooperation and exchange relations with countries and regions along the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road", and continue to promote cooperation projects.

Promote international exchanges of teachers and enhance the level of internationalization of teachers. Actively participate in organizing teachers to participate in overseas training programs for teachers in higher vocational colleges, programs for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language (volunteers), programs for the international cooperation training of outstanding backbone teachers, and so on. Select teachers and administrators to inspect, visit, participate in conferences, training, and research in relevant countries and regions. Invite overseas vocational education experts to hold lectures, hire foreign teachers, etc.

Promote student international exchanges and expand student development space. Continuously explore multiple channels to help students study abroad, study tours, exchanges, competitions, training, etc., and expand student exchanges through various forms such as professional joint construction, mutual recognition of credits, student exchange, and continuous reading of special courses. Scale and projects, open up channels for recruiting and sending out study abroad, and cultivate international compound talents with international vision and multiculturalism.

Undertake international research, study and training projects to improve international influence. Actively create conditions to accept foreign students. To undertake overseas employment training courses for foreign countries, to undertake activities such as summer camps for foreign universities to experience Chinese outstanding culture, and to continuously enhance the international influence of our college.

Carrying out international exchanges of academic skills and substantively promoting the internationalization of vocational education. Actively participate in the World Skills Competition, hold Sino-foreign vocational skills education forums, plan to initiate the establishment of Sino-foreign education alliances; jointly establish research institutes or branch schools with foreign friendly schools; organize Sino-foreign cultural exchange activities; organize international college application technology innovation competitions; organize the "Belt and Road" The International Vocational Skills Development Forum discusses in-depth the latest development trends in the application of vocational education, and promotes international exchanges and project docking of vocational education.

Seize the opportunity of the “Belt and Road” construction and make good use of international high-quality resources. Strengthen cooperation and exchanges with countries along the “Belt and Road”, establish friendly cooperation and exchange relations with countries along the route, jointly carry out cooperation projects such as Chinese classes, other languages, and various characteristic classes, and select teachers to visit and teach in each other's schools, and organize student skills Competitions, winter and summer camps and exchange of foreign students, etc.

Assist the internationalization of Linyi City in the United States and enhance the ability to serve social development. Actively use international resources to build bridges to promote exchanges and cooperation between Linyi City Government, education technology, enterprise industry and other fields with overseas, especially universities and research institutes along the "Belt and Road" countries. Provide translation and services for major international exchanges and cooperation activities; organize international academic forum activities; train foreign-related business organizations such as international cooperation companies to provide language skills for expatriates. In order to build a platform for the exchange of high-end talents and technical projects between Linyi City and at home and abroad, and to contribute to the promotion of Linyi's international development.

The International College of Linyi Vocational College will live up to the trust, forge ahead, push the school’s international exchange and cooperation to a higher level, inject more vitality and color into the development of the school, and continue to enhance the international reputation and influence of Linyi Vocational College.